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AEPMA member - environmetally-friendly AEPMA member pest control in Sydney

Environmentally-Safe Pest Control in Burwood

As an AEPMA member, Enviro PCS offers child and pet-safe pest control solutions, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful pesticides or chemicals.

To meet all of your pest control needs, we combine all possible pest control procedures and techniques with a variety of non-toxic pest control treatments.

Schedule a building and pest inspection today by calling (02) 9638 4099 or sending us an email via Feel free to chat with us now for any enquiries!

To learn more about our pest control services, call our experts at 02 9638 4099.

Enviro PCS is an Australian-owned and operated company that is a staunch supporter of eco-friendly natural products. We provide a friendly, dependable, and professional pest control service throughout Sydney.

We have a solid reputation for providing professional service and cutting-edge treatment programs that produce outstanding results.

Enviro PCS removes common pests including cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, ants, termites, bed bugs, white ants, wasps, nests, mosquitoes, and other bugs from both residential and commercial properties in Burwood and surrounding suburbs.

Home Pest Control in Burwood

Enviro PCS offers a variety of home pest control services to protect one of your most valuable assets, your home. For homeowners who are concerned about a recent or potential pest problem that may be harmful to their family or cause damage to their home, we seek out and eradicate pests.

Enviro PCS cares about your family and pets; we prioritize your family’s safety, dependability, and thoroughness in pest control treatments that provide year-round protection.

We take pride in being environmentally conscious and safety conscious. Enviro PCS complies with all Australian and Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Let us put your mind at ease if you have a pest infestation but are also concerned about your pets or children. We’ll get rid of your pests quickly and safely, using the best, and low-odour products.

We take the time to understand your pest control needs and concerns in order to recommend the best solution. We explain and guide you through the process so you know exactly what to expect.

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Commercial Pest Control in Burwood

Infestations of pests can have a significant impact on your business!

Enviro PCS provides high-quality, cost-effective pest control solutions for commercial buildings and properties. We have several specialized programs for pest control and elimination in commercial areas.

Because of this, our results are extremely satisfactory. Furthermore, these programs and methods are implemented in an environmentally friendly manner, ensuring that no areas related to the environment are harmed.

Enviro PCS offers customised commercial pest control solutions for businesses. We will respond quickly and reliably to all inquiries, and you will always be speaking with someone who is fully trained and experienced in the field.

Termite Control in Burwood

Termites can cause extensive damage to a building’s structure and go undetected for years if there is no monitoring and inspection regime in place. Over 100,000 homes in Australia are attacked by termites each year, with the cost of the damage reaching millions of dollars. Keep in mind that these damages are not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. The presence of termites can significantly reduce the value of your home or property.

How frequently should termite inspections be performed? The Australian Standard for Termite Protection (AS3660) recommends that regular inspections be performed every 12 months, or more frequently in areas where termites are a known risk.

If you suspect termites in your home, you must act quickly because early detection is critical to protecting your property. The longer you leave it, the more damage will be done.

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Our Pest Control Process

01Pest Control Consultation

If you notice any signs of a pest infestation, you should consult a professional immediately.

Don’t try to remove any kind of nest or pest breeding ground yourself because it will agitate the situation. You may endanger your health if you do not have adequate protection and are unfamiliar with safe and effective pest extermination techniques.

02On-Site Inspection and Assessment

One of our pest control experts in Sydney will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to determine what type of pests are present, the severity of the infestation, and the location of all entry points, feeding and breeding grounds.

03Pest Control and Pest Prevention

Our pest control solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Our team of professionals are licensed and trained to conduct any kind of pest control in Sydney.

04Documentation and Pest Control Report

Following the pest control treatment, our team will provide you with a report outlining the extent of the damages, the methods used to get rid of pests, and how to prevent these pests from re-infesting your property.

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Common Pests in Burwood

Contact your pest control Burwood NSW experts if you see any signs or presence of these common pests. Here are some common pests that you may find infesting your property:

  • Rodents or Mice – Rats can cause a variety of issues in and around your home or business. Rats must be eradicated and controlled as soon as possible.
  • Bed bugs – These are small crawling insects that can live in any room of your house. Bed bugs are small, flat, oval, brown to reddish-brown insects that feed on warm-blooded mammals such as humans, pets, and animals.
  • Silverfish – They can live in most climates and can thrive in dark or damp areas of your home. Silverfish are attracted to the taste of starch, which can be found in fabrics, papers, and many common foods in your kitchen.


Ant homes can be massive, with tens of thousands of workers and sprawling mounds, or small, with only a few workers clustered together in small cavities between rocks or inside twigs. It’s best to let professionals handle an ant infestation to avoid costly re-application of ant pest control treatments.


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There are over 3,500 different cockroach species around the world. American, Oriental, and German cockroaches are the most common in Australia.

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