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Yes, pest control is safe. Not all treatments for pests use pesticides or sprays. At Enviro-PCS we employ treatment options that focus on physical changes to the environment and trapping. Where pesticides are required, we select products with the lowest toxicity available and baits and we focus the application of these products where pests live and breed. Our pest treatments avoid over applications and unnecessary applications of products making our treatments safe for you, your family and your pets.

We care about our environment.  All members of the Enviro-PCS team firmly believe that we have a responsibility to do our part to protect the environment, whilst providing effective pest control solutions to our clients. We implement Integrated Pest Management which allows us to combine multiple treatment methods and always look to avoid over applications and unnecessary applications of pesticides.
The products that we choose to use, and the way we use them are designed to have no adverse impact on your health and minimal impact on the environment.

Yes, our treatment methods are safe, and we can ensure the safety of your Children and Pets. We always conduct risk assessments prior to commencing treatments to ensure the safety of the environment, your family and pets and ourselves. If any special requirements need to be met, we will discuss with you on the day.
Our pest treatments are focused on targeting the areas where pests live and breed, avoiding unnecessary applications of products, over applications of products and we choose to use products lower in toxicity which combined together make our pest treatment methods safe for you, your family and your pets.
If you have any concerns about you, your family or pet’s safety in relation.

Almost all our pest treatments carry a Service Warranty. The length of our Service Warranty will depend on the pest being treated and the situation the pests are being treated in.
In the unlikely event that the pests we’ve treated come back into your home we will return to apply re-treatment as needed.

Upon arrival our technicians will conduct a site inspection to identify potential risks and hazards, to inspect for levels of infestations and assess the most appropriate treatment methods. Anything that needs to be addressed by you will be discussed after the inspection is completed.
As a general rule, if we’re coming to complete a pest treatment ensure that any pet food and water bowls are moved out of treatment areas, open foods should be covered and put away, if we’re treating externally we will ask that you don’t have clean washing drying on the line.

If you think you have termites or know that you have termites the most important thing you can do is do not disturb them, tamper with them or spray any insect sprays on them. By disturbing the termite activity, you may cause the termites to relocate, thus making it more difficult for a pest technician to locate them and possibly incur addition expense in doing so.
What you should do, is call Enviro-PCS. Our professional, reliable and honest team of passionate termite specialists will assess your problem holistically and provide you with a Subterranean Termite Management Plan, that will contain options for control most suited to your termite problem, your structure and your situation or budget.