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Full Termite Treatment and Protection for your Home or Commercial Property

Have you discovered any termites on or near your property? When it comes to termites, it pays to be informed and aware of your options before you are literally eaten out of your house. Termites cause billions of dollars in home and business structure damage, but most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover termite damage.

Termites are one of the most destructive pest problems in Sydney and throughout Australia today. Enviro PCS will leave no stone unturned in the fight against these vexing pests known as termites. For enquiries, call us on (02) 9638 4099 or chat with us today!

To learn more about our termite control services, call our experts on 02 9638 4099.

Enviro-PCS performs termite inspections and treatments every day to homes, strata complexes and businesses, across the greater Sydney region.

All of our termite pest control solutions are guaranteed to work against most types of termite infestations in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of hassle. Consult Enviro PCS now for immediate termite pest treatment and prevention; our friendly staff will assist you in determining the nature of your problem and will arrange for one of our fully qualified pest controllers to visit your home or office.

Why Hire Our Pest Exterminators for Termite Control


Our trained pest exterminators have earned a reputation for providing effective pre and post-building termite control and inspection in a wide range of residential and commercial properties over the years. All of our termite control methods are both safe and environmentally friendly, ensuring your safety.

Our termite control packages include:

termite control and termite prevention in Sydney

Our Termite Pest Control Process

01Pest Control Consultation

If you notice a pest infestation around your property and are looking for reliable termite treatment in Sydney, look no further. Give us a call to book your appointment and consult with our termite experts.

02On-Site Inspection and Assessment

After you contact us, one of our authorised termite control specialists will visit your home. After that, our knowledgeable exterminator will conduct a termite inspection. They will then inform you of the termite species, the extent of the damage they have caused, what drew them to your property, and other pertinent information.

We will also identify the behaviour of this species and locate termite nests on and around your property. This will help us build a termite barrier around your home.

03Pest Control Recommendation

The exterminator will recommend a termite treatment plan based on the results of the inspection to prevent these pests from causing further damage to your Sydney property. This treatment plan will outline how the treatment will be carried out, the type of results you can expect, the time frame for completing this task, and any other pertinent instructions you should be aware of.

We will explain the treatment plan to you before we begin our work. Because this is your property, we want to make sure you understand everything we’re doing to protect it with our termite control services.

04Pest Control Prevention and Treatment

Our termite extermination and white ant control specialists will complete the procedure in accordance with the treatment plan. We try to use non-chemical treatment options whenever possible. We only use industry-standard products to safely perform pest extermination work.

Although our termite extermination services will eliminate all of these insects, you should continue to use the preventative measures we will recommend if you want long-term results. We will provide you with termite barriers that will protect your building from future infestations.

05Documentation and Pest Control Report

Upon completion, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that includes information about the areas damaged by the termite attack, the methods used to correct the problems, and details about all timber damage discovered.

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pest control sydney service

Enviro PCS - Termite Control for Sydney Homes and Businesses

Termite treatment is time-consuming, frustrating, and irritable, and it’s far more likely to fail at any time. Hiring a pest control professional, such as Enviro PCS, will provide you with immediate and effective results. We understand how to handle chemicals and quickly implement extermination plans to eliminate pests in a short period of time.

For professional termite control in Sydney for your home or commercial property, you may contact Enviro PCS at 02 9638 4099 to schedule your appointment.

To book a property pest inspection, call our experts on 02 9638 4099.

Enviro PCS eradicates all types of termites from residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We will conduct a thorough termite inspection, and plan and implement a comprehensive termite control strategy. We’ll provide you with the right solution to keep termites at bay for good.

Enviro-PCS offers a wide range of termite solutions tailored to suit your environment, we will provide options to best suit the problem at hand and your budget.

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Termite Control Tips

If you discover termites in your home or business, DO NOT disturb them. Contact Enviro-PCS for an obligation free visual assessment of your termite problem.

Regular Termite Inspections

A termite inspection on your property is the first step in the termite management process. Our inspections are conducted to Australian Standards and we only use suitably qualified inspectors.

We inspect all the reasonably accessible areas to your property, covering external areas, internal areas, roof voids and sub-floor.

Our field technicians produce a detailed digital report with photographs of findings included and recommendations where deemed appropriate. Upon completion, the report will be emailed directly to you. There’s no need to wait for paperwork!

Termite Treatments

If termites are active in your home or property, treatment is usually recommended to eradicate the termites and potential damage they can do to your property.

There are many different options available for treatment, with varying products, techniques and recommendations available today.

Our technicians will present all appropriate options available for treatment to your property, to allow you to pick a solution that suits your budget and the issue at hand.

Even if you do not have a termite infestation, but are wondering how you can protect your property from potential infestation, reach out to Enviro-PCS today, and one of our technicians will conduct an on-site visual assessment, with the purpose of putting together the most appropriate termite protection options available and discuss them with you.

Book our pest control Sydney service today! Call us on (02) 9638 4099 or chat with us today!

How to Prevent Termites

Termite Prevention Tips

Most homes will have one or more conditions, that are favourable for termite attack. Termites operate on instinct and forage constantly looking for food and moisture. Most homes that come under attack from termites will have one or multiple conditions that termites love.

Here are a few common conditions you need to watch out for to prevent a termite infestation:

Fix water leaks.

Often termites are found attacking wet areas of the home due to water leaks. Termites are attracted to moisture and it’s quite common to associate an attack with leaking plumbing.

Water leaks can be obvious or inconspicuous. Downpipes that aren’t properly connected and drains to the base of structures can be a cause for a problem area such as water heater overflow pipes can also create attractive termite infestation areas.

You will want to keep the area around and under your home as dry as possible. If you’re aware of water leaks, get them rectified and have a termite inspection performed to ascertain the risk termites pose to your property.

Remove timber that’s within ground contact.

A termite’s role in nature is to convert fallen trees and debris timber back into organic matter. If you have timber posts, fences, garden borders, retaining walls, form timbers under the house, loose timbers and the like then these conditions are likely to attract termites.

You need to look at alternative materials for these items where possible, don’t leave timber such as firewood or other loose timbers against the house. Ensure you keep regular inspections to identify termite problems early.

Improve the subfloor ventilation.

Inadequate subfloor ventilation will lead to ideal conditions for termites. It is crucial that your subfloor is properly ventilated. We have ventilation specialists who can provide options to fix subfloor ventilation problems.

Avoid building garden beds against the house.

Gardens enhance the appeal of our homes. If you have a garden bed against your home, ensure that your weep holes or subfloor vents are not covered. If your home is built on a concrete slab, lower your garden bed to allow the slab edge to be visible.

It’s very common to see termites accessing a building due to raised ground levels and garden beds against the home. If you are unsure, contact us before any landscaping work is done to ensure your home remains protected.

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