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enviro pcs pest control and pest exterminators in Sydney

Enviro-PCS take pride in providing trusted service and value to Sydney property owners. Whether you’re looking for a pre-purchase pest inspection or a new home condition report, we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

We use cutting-edge technology to detect existing or previous termite activity and report back to you on areas of the house that are vulnerable to infestations.

To schedule a building and pest inspection, call 02 9638 4099 or chat with us today!

To learn more about our pest inspection services, call us on 02 9638 4099.

Enviro-PCS has 80 years of extensive experience providing pest control solutions. We are equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows us to detect pests while causing no damage to the property.

We’ll conduct a thorough examination of your property adhering to Australian Standards (AS 4349.1-2007 and AS 4349.3).

Our pest inspectors are fully licensed to carry out inspections in residential and commercial buildings throughout Sydney. We are committed to our strong customer service ethos and to employing stringent pre-selection criteria in order to build a team of highly skilled, qualified, and experienced inspectors.

Consult Enviro PCS today for fast, effective, and hassle-free building and pest inspection anywhere in Sydney.

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Building & Pest Inspections for Homes and Businesses

Enviro PCS provides easy-to-understand, comprehensive, and professional building inspection reports to property owners, home buyers, real estate agents, commercial clients, and property managers and investors.

Our detailed inspection report identifies any major flaws, maintenance requirements, safety concerns, and pest damage that we discovered during our inspection.

Enviro PCS is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and efficient reporting, which is the foundation of the company’s success.

For pest control in Sydney, call Enviro PCS on 02 9638 4099. Schedule a building and pest inspection today!

Book a Building and Pest Inspection anywhere in Sydney

We use a tried-and-true process to uncover every issue – not just the obvious or visible ones, but also the potential ones that could cause major problems and necessitate costly repairs in the future. But we don’t stop there; we investigate further to determine the root cause of any existing or potential problems that we identify.

Our pest exterminators can look through walls, ceilings, and floors using a combination of different technologies. Our pest inspectors can precisely detect, locate, and confirm the presence of hot spots and breeding or nesting grounds.

Enviro PCS offers pest control and building inspections throughout Sydney. Check out our locations here.

Heat Sensing Camera that Detects Subterranean Termites
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Pest Inspections to Prevent Damages from Termites and Harmful Pests

If you live in an older home or in a termite-prone area, our building and timber pest inspection services could save you from having to make costly repairs in the future.

Untreated timbers in direct contact with soil, poorly ventilated subfloors, and excessive moisture build-up from water leaks or poor drainage are examples of environments that can encourage termites.

In Sydney, Enviro PCS provides pre-purchase building and pest inspection reports for residential and commercial properties. Most buyers want to know exactly what they’re getting, especially if the property they’re looking at has any major structural issues or severe timber pest damage.

It is critical to obtain a clear, accurate, and comprehensive property inspection report regardless of where you are in Sydney or what type of property you have or are looking to purchase. Enviro PCS is a trusted pest control company in Sydney for all of your building, pest, and pre-purchase inspection needs.

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