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Heat Sensing Camera that Detects Subterranean Termites

Effective termite prevention that works for homes & businesses in Sydney

Termites live in and feed on the wood in your building. They can eat through the timbers, causing serious structural damage to your home.

When a termite infestation is discovered, some people are tempted to try to control it themselves. This can be extremely dangerous. You can easily damage the timbers in your home, rendering it structurally unsound. Furthermore, you may not be using the appropriate products to address your termite problem – there are several different species of termite that can only be identified by professional termite exterminators.

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Enviro PCS is a team of highly skilled technicians trained and licensed to prevent and stop pest infestations including termites (white ants). Having a wealth of experience in termites, our team can offer you the latest information in relation to termite control and prevention, termite products and also the best termite treatment methods to keep your home or business protected.

Why should you book us to prevent a termite infestation?

Some people who have attempted to control termite problems on their own have used inappropriate products that are not only illegal but can also be hazardous to human health. This is why it is critical to delegate the task to a qualified professional.

Our dedication to our customers ensures that you will receive a treatment plan that is tailored to your home or business. Our treatments will cause minimal disruption to your home or business, and you can be confident that we will install your termite treatment in accordance with Australian Standards.

We have termite control and termite prevention programs for every kind and severity of termite infestation. Enquire today!

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Full Termite Prevention Strategy

01Termite Baiting and Monitoring

A termite bait station system is a non-chemical barrier option for protecting a building from termites. The system is installed by burying bait stations in the ground or boring into concrete paths that may be adjacent to the building. Bait stations must be installed at least every 2 to 3 meters around the building’s perimeter. These bait stations are filled with cellulose-containing food sources that will attract any termites within a short distance of the bait station. This is the termite bait station monitoring phase. Once the termites become active in the bait station, a bait matrix is added to it.

Termites will consume the bait matrix until the colony is destroyed. These bait stations should be inspected by a professional at least once every 1-2 months. Once a colony has been determined to be eradicated, the bait should be removed and the food source replaced. The bait stations will then serve as a monitoring device for any future termite activity.

02Termite Barrier

Termite barriers can be physical or chemical termite barriers to protect against termites. A termite barrier is divided into two stages: eliminate the termites that are currently in your home by injecting a chemical foam or dust into the areas where there are live termites, and then inject a long-lasting chemical barrier into the soil around your home to prevent future termites from entering.

03Annual Termite Inspections

At least once a year, our highly trained, professional pest controllers can conduct a thorough termite inspection of your property. We have the knowledge to detect termite infestations and identify areas in your building that may be vulnerable to termite attacks. Regular inspections can actually prevent termites from becoming a problem in the first place.

04Documentation and Pest Control Report

Upon completion, we will provide you with a detailed report that contains information about the areas infected by termites, the type of termites found in your property, the methods used to get rid of the pesky pests, and additional recommendations on how to prevent future termite infestations.

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Why hire our termite exterminators?

All pest control services are performed by professional, licensed pest control technicians. To ensure that your pest problem is thoroughly treated, we always adhere to Australian standards and use only the highest quality products.

Our fully trained and experienced termite exterminators at Enviro PCS can identify the specifics of your termite problem and provide you with the most effective solution.

We know which products are the safest and most effective to use, and we have the most up-to-date equipment. We also stay up to date on new pest control methods and Australian Standards. We’re committed to using only products that are safe for humans and pets, as well as those that do not harm the environment.

We can also locate the point or points of entry for termites in your home. This enables us to offer you a solution that is both effective and will keep your property structurally sound.

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