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Our pest exterminators have over 80 years of combined experience treating termite infestations in Sydney.

Investing in a termite barrier for your Sydney property will ensure that your home or business is safe from these destructive pests. Hire professionals to install termite barriers to keep these destructive pests from getting to your property’s timbre foundations or components.

Avoid dealing with a nasty termite infestation. Call (02) 9638 4099 or chat with our team today to help you install a termite barrier.

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Enviro-PCS performs termite inspections and termite control services across the greater Sydney region.

All of our termite solutions are guaranteed to work against most types of termites including the common subterranean termites. Consult Enviro PCS who can recommend the right solution based on your needs.

What is a termite barrier?

A termite barrier is a physical or chemical barrier that are applied between the soil and the property’s concrete slab and wooden framing. Termites are naturally present in soil, and no matter how hard you try to treat the soil and kill the existing termites, the pests will return and cause problems on your property. These issues will spread to other areas of your property and cause significant damage.

People frequently fail to install termite barriers, forcing them to deal with frequent infestations and costly repairs for an extended period of time. To keep your property safe from termites, you’ll need to apply topical termite control solutions on a regular basis, which can be costly in the long run.

Avoid dealing with a nasty termite infestation. Contact our team today to help you install a termite barrier.

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Types of Termite Barriers

01Physical Termite Barriers

Physical barriers do not kill or stop termites. Their job is to slow down the attack by making access to the building difficult. Termites can get into your home through underground cracks, wall cavities, and other openings.

We build physical barriers out of materials that termites can’t eat. Stainless steel mesh, plastic film barriers, and polyvinyl sheds are examples of these. As a result, termites will not have direct access to your home.

Alternatively, we can direct termites in easily detectable areas using ant caps. Our technicians make certain that all of the barriers meet Australian Standard 3660.1.

02Chemical Termite Barriers

Chemical barriers are frequently recommended as termite control and prevention measure for pre-existing houses and buildings. This type of barrier refers to the use of termiticide to treat the soil around your home. When the chemical is absorbed by the soil, termites will die when they feed or come into contact with it.

This type of barrier is extremely effective at destroying termite colonies. This is due to the chemical being passed from one termite to the next. This occurs when they engage in trophallaxis, or the practice of eating other termites’ waste.

Our experienced and highly trained Sydney termite control specialists in the complex field of chemical termite protection systems work quickly and quietly to protect your home and buildings at any time – not just during construction.

03Termite Reticulation Systems

This is a chemical treatment system that also functions as an irrigation system. It is made up of interconnected pipes with small holes in them. The termiticide is injected into the system at one or more points. It then flows through the pipes before leaking into the soil via a network of holes.

The reticulation system works well both before and after construction. The pipes can be installed beneath the foundations and around the perimeter. Once the termiticide has penetrated the soil, it forms a termite-protective barrier. The system’s efficiency, on the other hand, can deteriorate over time. As a result, you should consider replenishing it every 2 to 3 years.

It is best to consult a reputable pest control company to determine which type of termite barrier is best for your home. Their team will inspect your home and make recommendations for the best termite barrier for you. It is also critical that the barrier is properly installed or applied to ensure that it works. As a result, entrusting this task to professionals will give you peace of mind that your home is completely protected from termites.

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Enviro PCS - Termite Barrier Installation

It is difficult to get rid of termites once they have made their way into your home or commercial property. As a result, the most effective weapon is prevention. And you need professionals who can do it right the first time. Contact us for a list of things you can do right now in your Sydney home or business to help reduce the number of termites attacking your property.

For professional termite control in Sydney, you may contact Enviro PCS on (02) 9638 4099 to schedule your appointment.

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