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Environmentally-Safe Pest Control in Blakehurst

Enviro PCS is an AEPMA member with a combined pest control experience of 80 years. Book an appointment with our pest control Blakehurst team by calling (02) 9638 4099 or sending us an email via We’re always available to help.

Our pest exterminators strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Each job is unique, no matter how large or small, and our pest control experts will provide you with expert advice to always make sure that your concerns are addressed. Our guarantee and commitment to providing the highest level of personal care to every job have resulted in thousands of satisfied and happy customers throughout the Greater Sydney region.

To learn more about our pest control services, call our experts at 02 9638 4099.

As an AEPMA member, your health and safety are our top priorities, so you can trust Enviro PCS to do a thorough job while fully protecting your family, pets, and property.

Enviro PCS specialises in the removal and extermination of all types of pests, bugs, insects, and creepy crawlies in Blakehurst and the surrounding areas. We take pride in providing a dependable, honest, and cost-effective pest control service for residential and commercial properties.

Our extensive experience in Pest Control Management has enabled us to create advanced solutions using cutting-edge technology that are now available to protect you, your home or your business.

Home Pest Control in Blakehurst

Unwanted pests can cause serious health problems if not dealt with properly, and they can also cause damage to your property. Almost all unwanted pests will create their own environment within your home, including kitchens, cupboards, food preparation areas, bathrooms, and even bedrooms. Pests, as we know, carry diseases and spread bacteria, which can be transmitted to humans.

Our technicians will inspect your home thoroughly and conduct a risk assessment to properly explain all potential threats to your household. Within this, we will recommend the best method for controlling any pest infestation.

We take pride in our ability to eliminate all unwanted pests from your home, and all of our employees are licensed and trained pest technicians with extensive experience on residential properties. Enviro PCS provides effective home pest control solutions, giving you the confidence that your home is the safest place for you and your family.

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Commercial Pest Control in Blakehurst

Pests can be detrimental to a business, posing numerous threats such as customer loss, health issues, extensive equipment damage, stock damage, and workplace disruptions, all of which can result in health department intervention and costly bills.

We take commercial premises very seriously, and we take pride in ensuring that all of our clients are pest-free; our success becomes your success. At the forefront of our work is articulate and personalised commercial pest control, and proper pest management makes your business a safe and hygienic environment.

We can help you whether you have a current pest problem or just want regular pest maintenance to avoid developing a problem. Because our products are safe to use, we can ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Termite Control in Blakehurst

Termites are without a doubt one of the most damaging pests. They quickly cause extensive damage to various wooden features and structures. They are consistent breeders who build primary and numerous secondary nests once they have settled in. Contact us for termite control in Sydney if you have an infestation on your property.

We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home to identify any current or potential termite problems. We take our time inspecting your home both internally and externally. We will then advise you on our recommended termite control solutions to ensure that termites are removed and kept at bay.

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Our Pest Control Process

01Pest Control Consultation

If you notice any signs of a pest infestation, you should consult a professional immediately.

Don’t try to remove any kind of nest or pest breeding ground yourself because it will agitate the situation. You may endanger your health if you do not have adequate protection and are unfamiliar with safe and effective pest extermination techniques.

02On-Site Inspection and Assessment

One of our pest control experts in Sydney will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to determine what type of pests are present, the severity of the infestation, and the location of all entry points, feeding and breeding grounds.

03Pest Control and Pest Prevention

Our pest control solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Our team of professionals are licensed and trained to conduct any kind of pest control in Sydney.

04Documentation and Pest Control Report

Following the pest control treatment, our team will provide you with a report outlining the extent of the damages, the methods used to get rid of pests, and how to prevent these pests from re-infesting your property.

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Common Pests in Blakehurst

Contact your pest control Blakehurst experts if you see any signs or presence of these common pests. Here are some common pests that you may find infesting your property:

  • Ants – Ants are social insects that live in colonies. Ants cause problems primarily when they forage for food or water in buildings and build nests in buildings and gardens.
  • Carpet beetles – Carpet beetles are a common household pest. Carpet beetle damage occurs during the larval stage.
  • Silverfish – Mold, fungi, and carbohydrates are all sources of food for silverfish (such as sugars, starch or cellulose). This means that your food (especially dry foods), clothes, shampoos, soaps, books, wallpaper, plants, and a variety of other items are at risk.


Cockroaches reproduce quickly and are extremely hardy. Most homeowners are unaware of cockroach infestations in their homes, as well as the health and safety risks that cockroach infestations pose.

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Funnel-web spiders

Funnel-web spiders dig burrows in moist, cool, sheltered environments—under rocks, in and under rotting logs, and in some rough-barked trees (occasionally metres above ground).

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