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AEPMA member - environmetally-friendly AEPMA member pest control in Sydney

Environmentally-Safe Pest Control in Canada Bay

As an AEPMA member, Enviro PCS offers child and pet-safe pest control solutions in Canada Bay NSW and the surrounding Sydney suburbs. For your health and peace of mind, our team provides comprehensive pest management solutions that are proven safe and effective.

Book an appointment with our pest control Canada Bay team by calling (02) 9638 4099 or sending us an email via We’re always available to help.

To learn more about our pest control services, call our experts at 02 9638 4099.

Enviro PCS offers comprehensive pest management services that are designed to assist in the creation of a healthy, safe, and sanitary environment for homes and businesses in Canada Bay NSW.

Each property and pest problem is distinct. Rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach, we tailor our services to the specific situation at hand.

Home Pest Control in Canada Bay

For most people, their home is not only their most valuable financial asset, but also a safe haven where they can relax, raise a family, and entertain guests. Don’t let unwelcome ‘guests’ endanger your family’s health and safety, or, in the case of termites, cause damage to your home’s structure and foundations.

For a growing number of homeowners in Canada Bay and greater metropolitan Sydney, Enviro PCS is the go-to residential pest control company.

We are proud of our friendly, professional, and dependable service, as well as our commitment to solving your specific pest problem rather than using a “one size fits all” approach.

Pests are territorial by nature and can also be seasonal. We are very familiar with the local pests in the area and their behaviour at different times of the year because we live in the communities we serve. When pest activity is on the rise, we are aware of it. It doesn’t mean they aren’t there just because you can’t see them (this is especially true for termites).

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Commercial Pest Control in Canada Bay

Don’t let pests ruin your company’s image or bottom line. Pest infestations can affect any commercial establishment. A pest problem can be more than a nuisance to employees and customers when it comes to running a business. If not treated promptly, safely, and effectively, it can cause serious health problems, workplace disruption, and damage to your reputation and profitability.

Enviro PCS specialises in providing customised commercial pest control services. As a result, both employees and customers can enjoy a safe and sanitary environment.

We understand that downtime in the workplace equals lost revenue. As a result, we can handle your commercial pest control problem whenever it suits you, including after hours.

Termite Control in Canada Bay

Termites are frightening creatures, not for the same reasons that a large spider or a small mouse are, but because they can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

Australians who worked hard to achieve the ‘great Australian dream of owning their own home have gone deeper into debt to repair and protect it; statistics show that one in every three Australian homes has been affected by termites at some point.

Make termite control solutions your priority if you suspect that your property has termites or if you live in a high-risk area for termites, or are thinking about buying or building a new home that needs a termite inspection.


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Our Pest Control Process

01Pest Control Consultation

If you notice any signs of a pest infestation, you should consult a professional immediately.

Don’t try to remove any kind of nest or pest breeding ground yourself because it will agitate the situation. You may endanger your health if you do not have adequate protection and are unfamiliar with safe and effective pest extermination techniques.

02On-Site Inspection and Assessment

One of our pest control experts in Sydney will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to determine what type of pests are present, the severity of the infestation, and the location of all entry points, feeding and breeding grounds.

03Pest Control and Pest Prevention

Our pest control solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Our team of professionals are licensed and trained to conduct any kind of pest control in Sydney.

04Documentation and Pest Control Report

Following the pest control treatment, our team will provide you with a report outlining the extent of the damages, the methods used to get rid of pests, and how to prevent these pests from re-infesting your property.

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Common Pests in Canada Bay

Contact your pest control Canada Bay NSW experts if you see any signs or presence of these common pests. Here are some common pests that you may find infesting your property:

  • Bed Bugs – They are not considered dangerous; however, each person’s reaction to a bed bug bite is unique, ranging from no reaction at all to an allergic reaction that necessitates medical attention.
  • Bees and Wasps – Bee and wasp nest removal should not be delayed, nor should you attempt to remove them yourself; bees and wasps are known for stinging to defend their nests, as well as being unpredictable and stinging you even if their nest is not under attack.
  • Cockroaches – They come in over 4,500 different species, and while none of them are directly harmful, they can carry and spread disease and infections, including gastroenteritis.
  • Silverfish – These are not known to bite humans or carry diseases, despite their creepy appearance. They can, however, wreak havoc on clothes, books, papers, food in pantries, and wallpaper.
  • Termites – In Australia alone, there are around 300 different termite species.


The ants you find in your home aren’t dangerous, and they don’t pose a serious threat to your family or pets, but they can give you painful bites or irritate your skin.

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Rodents (including mice and rats) are known to carry a variety of diseases, including Hantavirus, Listeria, Rat-Bite Fever, and Salmonellosis, which are all potentially fatal to humans.

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