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Environmentally-Safe Pest Control in Newcastle NSW

At Enviro PCS, we guarantee that our pest control technicians are fully qualified and trained to the highest standard, and that they are dedicated to providing the most effective pest control services.

Whether you require a one-time treatment or want year-round protection, Enviro PCS can tailor inspections or treatment packages to meet your specific requirements for both residential and commercial properties.

Our local, friendly, and experienced pest control team can provide effective pest control services for all common residential and commercial pests. We also provide advanced pest management advice to some of Newcastle’s most recognisable industries.

Feel free to consult us thru chat. Or book an appointment with our pest control team by calling (02) 9638 4099.

To learn more about our pest control services, call our experts at 02 9638 4099.

Enviro PCS can provide you with a pest-free environment, thereby protecting you, your family, and your business from pests. We take pride in providing eco-friendly residential and commercial pest control solutions.

Our pest control team offers comprehensive pest management services that are designed to assist in the creation of a healthy, safe, and sanitary environment for homes and businesses in Newcastle NSW.

Each property and pest problem is distinct. Rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach, we tailor our services to the specific situation at hand.

Home Pest Control in Newcastle

Don’t put up with common household pests any longer than necessary. Enviro PCS specialises in residential pest control and termite treatments, so your home is in good hands.

For your home, we provide dependable, efficient, and effective pest control services. We will arrive on time, every time, and solve your pest problem. Because our treatments are targeted and safe, you will have peace of mind.

If you suspect a pest infestation, please contact us right away. Our professional service will identify not only the problem but also the extent of the damage. We can advise you on the best solution to eliminate the threat of pest infestation.

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Commercial Pest Control in Newcastle

An infestation in a commercial building can be more serious than you realise, and it must be dealt with quickly. Pests can make life difficult and cause health problems. In this case, pest removal is critical, but it must be done safely.

Enviro PCS offers comprehensive commercial pest management services to restaurants, cafes, and other commercial businesses in and around Newcastle. Our pest and termite exterminators are knowledgeable about the most advanced products and their applications in commercial settings.

Termite Control in Newcastle

Subterranean termites are the most damaging type of termite, and Newcastle is infested with them. Termites are by far the most damaging pests in Australian homes. If you’ve ever had a termite infestation, you know they’re expensive to treat and can necessitate costly home repairs.

Termites, also known as white ants, need moisture from the soil to survive, and when the humidity and temperature outside are just right, they fly their nest to find a mate and start a new colony.

They will infiltrate any structure via crevices, pipes, and even the smallest gaps in concrete slabs, where they will mercilessly attack your home for food. Enviro PCS is fully capable of identifying a wide range of Termites. Talk to us about our termite control solutions!

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Our Pest Control Process

01Pest Control Consultation

If you notice any signs of a pest infestation, you should consult a professional immediately.

Don’t try to remove any kind of nest or pest breeding ground yourself because it will agitate the situation. You may endanger your health if you do not have adequate protection and are unfamiliar with safe and effective pest extermination techniques.

02On-Site Inspection and Assessment

One of our pest control experts in Sydney will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to determine what type of pests are present, the severity of the infestation, and the location of all entry points, feeding and breeding grounds.

03Pest Control and Pest Prevention

Our pest control solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Our team of professionals are licensed and trained to conduct any kind of pest control in Sydney.

04Documentation and Pest Control Report

Following the pest control treatment, our team will provide you with a report outlining the extent of the damages, the methods used to get rid of pests, and how to prevent these pests from re-infesting your property.

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Common Pests in Newcastle NSW

Newcastle and its environs have a humid subtropical climate as a result of heavier rainfall in late autumn and early winter and are located on New South Wales east coast near the sea.

This climate creates ideal conditions for pest infestations. As the climate changes, warmer weather lasts longer, extending the cockroach and spider seasons, and the cold snap of winter always welcomes rodents to a warm roof space or sheltered sub-floor.

Here are some of the common pests you will encounter in Newcastle:

  • Spiders – Newcastle provides an ideal breeding environment for spiders in and around your home.
  • Ants – The most common ant species we encounter are tiny black ants, which are usually discovered in the kitchen.
  • Fleas – Fleas can be a nuisance in your home and garden that is difficult to eradicate without professional assistance.


German cockroaches reproduce rapidly and are nearly impossible to eradicate without the use of professional pest control eradication techniques and treatments.

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These pests prefer a warm subtropical climate, which encourages population growth; as a result, termite problems are frequently associated with timber houses in the area. Consult our team to prevent termites!


Rats and mice enjoy Newcastle’s warm climate and can breed quickly, causing mice problems in your home.

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