Winter Pest Control Sydney

Rats and Mice are everywhere right now in Sydney. Home and business owners tend to see an increase of activity inside their premises every winter.

The fact is that rats and mice are continually active all year round but as the weather gets cold, they want to get inside where it is warm and who can blame them.

A fantastic place for rats and mice to live during winter is in your roof void. These areas are often full of insulation providing an ideal location for rodents. The insulation provides fantastic relief from the cold exterior and most concerning for the unsuspecting building occupant a great place to nest and continue their rapid breeding cycle through winter. While performing pest control in Sydney we commonly find rodents in roof voids during winter.

Left: A typical roof void is full of thermal insulation. Right: Rats burrow into insulation .

Problems with Rats and Mice in Buildings

It is very well documented the problems that are associated with rodents. Here are a few of the issues with rodents living in your home:

  • Rats and mice can spread over 35 diseases either directly (contact with rodent, rodent droppings, urine, or saliva) and indirectly (ticks, mites, fleas living on the rodents).
  •  They cause damage to structures.
  • They are ruin your food through consumption and contamination.
  • Damage of electrical wiring leading to potential fires or electrocution risks.
While performing a Pest Control Inspection we found that rats have been gnawing on the plastic junction of the electrical wiring.

DIY Pest Control – Rodents

If you are looking for some DIY Pest Control solutions, In relation to rodent control to the best form of rodent control is absolutely prevention.

  1. Inspect and Seal – Look for areas that rodents can exploit to gain access. Check your external walls, the gaps under your external doors and if it is safe to do so, your roof You want to prevent their entry as best as possible. If they cannot get in, that is half the battle won.
  2. Remove Food Access – Ensure that your garbage bins have proper sealed lids, do not allow your garbage to overflow. Keep pet food in a sealed container and keep your home as clean as you can. Do not encourage rodents through access to food. It is quite common that rodents are encouraged into homes due to pet food access.
  3. Gardening – Keep vegetation trimmed, mow your grass regularly. If you have trees/branches overhanging your house or roof, trim them back so rats cannot have easy access to your roof.
  4. If you have a lot of cardboard or paper stored in your house or garage, get rid of it. This will be ideal for nesting materials.

Enviro-PCS regularly performs Pest Control Inspections in Sydney to concerned business and home owners to help them reduce the likelihood of rodent infestations. For more tips or if you’d like us to perform a Rodent Risk Assessment, get in touch.

Professional Control

If you have a problem with rats or mice in your home or property and require removal and control of these pests, the best advice is to use a professional.

We have access to an abundance of control methods, products, and systems to best manage rodent problems in any situation and ensure that a re-infestation does not occur. In many cases it will be more cost effective to use a professional in the long run.

Enviro-PCS is well equipped not just with products but more importantly years of experience in managing rodents in Sydney in just about any situation you can think of providing guaranteed results.